Presentation Profiles

Confluence administrators can create custom presentation profiles to influence the behavior and style of the presentation.

The administration area can be found under "Confluence Administration → Look and Feel → Presenter Options". You can also click the "Configure" button in the "Manage add-ons" menu.

Here you can manage existing profiles and create new ones. The available options are:


The name of the profile and a short description.


Base theme

Select a base theme for the presentation. The selection consists of reveal.js' standard styles.

Custom CSS

Create presentations with a custom look and feel, e. g. according to your corporate identity. If you select a base theme, your CSS will be loaded after the base styles. You can have a look at the CSS code of the base style by clicking "View CSS".

The editor supports code completion by pressing Ctrl + Space.


Select the style and speed of the animation used for transitioning between slides. Again you can have a look at the available styles on the reveal.js demo page.

Other options

  • Display controls in the bottom right corner
  • Display a presentation progress bar
  • Display the page number of the current slide
  • Center slides vertically
  • Loop the presentation
  • Enable slide navigation via mouse wheel


  • Opens links in an iframe preview overlay
    Be careful with this option. If your Wiki is served via https, opening unsecure links will not work
  • Enable stepping through list elements individually
    Only list items will be shown sequentially, other content is shown immediately